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Public sector cloud webinar: Scaling cloud training programs

Successful public sector organizations understand the best road to IT modernization starts with cloud adoption. They’ve reinvented themselves as digital enterprises built on modern applications and multiple clouds. But as the pace picks up, skills gaps within the cloud workforce are increasing. So, how can organizations, especially with limited budgets, attract and retain top talent? 

The key is to upskill and invest in existing employees first. In other words, “build it and they will come.” 

A Cloud Guru expert Drew Firment sits down with Assistant VP of Cloud Center at the Federal Reserve System, Chris Barker, and Chief Architect at DVLA, Matt Lewis. Together they discuss: 

  • Workforce challenges in public sector 
  • Importance of investing in current talent 
  • Strategies for building sustainable learning 
  • Creating an internal cloud culture to attracting talent 
  • Tips for onboarding / mentoring new talent and college graduates 
  • Outcomes related to building internal talent 

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn the blueprint to happy, thriving teams and how to adopt cloud the right way.

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Meet our presenters:

Drew Firment

SVP Cloud Transformation, A Cloud Guru

Drew works closely with business and technology leaders to accelerate cloud adoption by migrating talent to the cloud. Drew was previously Director of Cloud Engineering at Capital One, where he led enterprise cloud operations within their Cloud Center of Excellence and migrated the early adopters of Amazon Web Services (AWS) into production. Drew is recognized by Amazon as an AWS Community Hero for his ongoing efforts to build inclusive and sustainable learning communities.

Chris Barker

Assistant VP, Cloud Center, Federal Reserve System

Chris Barker is the Assistant VP, Cloud Center at the Federal Reserve System. As a thought leader and IT innovator, he can usually be found in the middle of an IT trend — quickly on board to learn it, grow it, and make it a reality in the form of next-generation platforms that replace legacy systems and manual processes. He has recruited, trained and developed globally-distributed teams of all sizes that delivered end-to-end lean and large solutions from $20M implementations and upgrades to cloud and mobile applications. Recognizing that stakeholder engagement is key to the success of any endeavor, Chris collaborates cross-functionally to influence, bridge the technology divide, and gain buy-in for ROI cases.

Matt Lewis


Matt Lewis is the former Chief Architect at DVLA, where he was responsible for setting technology direction and guiding solutions that operate against critical data sets, including a record of all drivers in Great Britain and a record of all vehicles in the UK. Matt is recognized by Amazon as an AWS Data Hero for his expertise and passion for growing digital skills in the community. Alongside working as a STEM ambassador, Matt founded and runs the AWS South Wales user group and is part of the ServerlessDays Cardiff organising team. Matt is a regular speaker at events that have included the London Innovation Series, AWS summits, and re:Invent, alongside various meet-ups. Matt has been actively exploring and presenting the benefits of moving from traditional databases to cloud-native services, most recently prototyping use cases for the adoption of Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB).

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