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Transform your insurance firm’s tech teams to continuously learn, grow, and keep pace with evolving technology, customer expectations, and decision making.

face the future

Evolve at the pace of technology

Here’s a risk worth assessing: Technology will continue to transform insurance. Firms will need to ensure their workforce understands key technologies to make better decisions and better serve customers. And they’ll need a way to build the future of automation in insurance to deliver better, faster experiences across the customer lifecycle. Our solutions enable your teams to deliver on those key priorities.

Upskilling and reskilling for insurance

Empower your tech teams to learn the data science and AI skills to fully leverage data assets and reengineer core processes to put AI, data, and analytics at the center. Align our expert-led skill development with your most important technology priorities and pair it with skill assessments that measure proficiency, track progress, and deliver personalized learning recommendations to get your teams where you need them.

upskill and reskill
cloud transformation

Cloud transformation

Cloud transformation starts with skill transformation. Use our hands-on, learn-by-doing, expert-led cloud skill development to take your teams from cloud novices to cloud gurus. Prepare your teams to move your organization beyond on-premise legacy technologies and enable your business with greater agility, speed-to-market, and cost savings.

Tech fluency

Everyone from executives to individual insurance agents need to understand key technologies like AI and leverage that knowledge to evolve their business models. Get everyone talking tech with short, accessible learning experiences.

tech fluency

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Skill IQ gives our learners the baseline they need to connect them to the most applicable learning paths.

Fredrika Otterstrom
Community and Engagement Lead, Deutsche Bank

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