Pluralsight for accelerated security maturity

Boost security skills. Reduce cyber risk. Build customer trust.

Cut attacker dwell time, protect trust, and stay ahead of cybersecurity threats with technologists adept in today’s (and tomorrow’s) security skills. 


Boost risk skills
Organizations that improved security posture with Pluralsight
Johnson Controls
Nature Sunshine
March & McLennan
Skilling up

Threat actors are skilling up. Make sure your teams do, too.

Security threats continue to grow in sheer number, sophistication, and diversity. New threats and threat actors emerge at lightning speed, rapidly changing the knowledge—and tech skills—organizations need to stay a step ahead. Use our solutions to close critical skills gaps, defend your org against cyberattacks, and build (and keep) your best security talent.

Build specialized cybersecurity skills with a role-based framework

Our security role framework consolidates 25 NICE Framework roles into 16 roles, including SOC analyst, threat hunter, incident responder, pen tester, and red team operator. Use our framework to develop a solid foundation of fundamental security skills with hands-on learning experiences and projects. Or dive deeper into specific roles with a skill-centric curriculum that includes core and complementary skills, product and tool skills, relevant certification prep, and advanced persistent training.

Threat hunter
Expert authored content

Stay ahead of emerging threats with expert-authored content

The best way to protect your org? Build security knowledge with content from expert authors and pair it with hands-on learning so technologists can practice in a risk-free environment. Throw in security certification prep and curated content covering new vulnerabilities and threats (generative AI, anyone?) to give your defenses an added boost.

Map upskilling to objectives to maximize business ROI

Partner with our expert consultants to create a tech skill development program that aligns with key initiatives. Those same consultants can also support engagement campaigns and report on ROI. Speaking of returns, maximize ROI with skill assessments to personalize learning journeys, close security skills gaps faster, and enable tech leaders to lead better with analytics on skills gained over time.

Maximize business ROI

Ready to talk about your technologists’ security needs?

CloudHealth by VM Ware
Open Quote

We want everybody at Sage to understand that the culture at Sage is one where everybody is empowered and confident when it comes to security, no matter what role you're working in.”

Madeline (Mads) Howard
People-centered Security Lead at Sage

Build the security talent you need. Sleep better at night.

This isn’t just about protecting your org from the next cyberattack. Transform your workforce to deliver faster and better—every time. Contact us and be the next success story.

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