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70% of the Fortune 500 trust Pluralsight to deliver in-demand tech skills that close critical skills gaps. Now it’s your turn.

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We top the list(s) in G2’s Best Software Products of 2023

From the top-rated tech skills platform to the tech investment with the best estimated ROI, we scored top marks in multiple categories.

G2 Leader Summer 2023
G2 Best Meets Requirements Enterprise Summer 2023
G2 Leader Mid-Market Summer 2023
G2 Fastest Implementation Small Business Summer 2023
G2 Leader Enterprise Summer 2023

Customers advancing their tech workforce with Pluralsight

Over 10,000 organizations close critical skills gaps, maximize tech ROI, and keep their competitive edge with Pluralsight.

VM Ware
Dell Technologies

Expert-authored content. In-depth assessments.

Pair upskilling with assessments to drive innovation, attract—and retain—top talent, and deliver on objectives. With Pluralsight’s online learning platform, you can:

  • Close critical skills gaps with online courses in areas like AI, machine learning, cloud, cybersecurity, DevOps, and infrastructure
  • Benchmark skills across your org with Skill IQ
  • Put the right people on projects with Role IQ
  • Create learning paths that align skills with key initiatives
  • Make new skills stick with hands-on learning

You’ll also find it a handy way to maximize your tech ROI and maintain your competitive edge.


Build better teams. Deliver better products. All with Pluralsight.

There’s a reason so many Fortune 500 companies trust our online learning platform. Give your team a trusted skill development solution that allows them to build in-demand tech skills in a way that’s personalized to their current knowledge and preferred way to learn.


Hands-on learning

Upskill and reskill with interactive courses, projects, and labs and practice what your team learned with risk-free sandboxes.


Expert-led content

Level up in critical tech skills, like AI and machine learning, cloud, IT Ops, data, and security, with education strategies straight from industry experts.



Help your team build the right skills in the right order with learning material curated by experts.


Skill assessments

Take skill assessments to get personalized recommendations for where to start and continue learning and to track upskilling progress.


Certification prep

Access courses and paths that help your team prepare for industry certifications and more quickly close critical skills gaps.

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Get the insights teams need to track engagement and progress toward achieving objectives.