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Wells Fargo
Ford Credit
close tech skills gaps

Close tech skills gaps and level up engineering workflows

Skills gaps across cybersecurity, data, and cloud are critical liabilities for financial services providers and can lead to downtimes, security vulnerabilities, or missed deliveries. And with customers demanding more seamless, digital-first experiences, you need a tech team capable of delivering on your key priorities. Use our solutions to build the teams you need from the talent you have.

Cloud transformation

The reduced costs, greater scalability, security benefits, and improved velocity of cloud transformation start with skill transformation. Use our hands-on, learn-by-doing, expert-led cloud skill development to take your teams from cloud novices to cloud gurus.

upskill and reskill
upskill and reskill

Upskilling and reskilling for financial services

Build a culture of continuous learning to keep up with evolving customer demands, technology, and security threats. Align learning with your business priorities with expert-led content and skill assessments that identify skills gaps and recommend learning experiences to get your teams where they need to be.

Software delivery and engineer onboarding

Use engineering workflow insights to cut cycle times, speed up onboarding, and build overall team health. And pinpoint roadblocks so you can get from deliberation to delivery faster and at a higher quality.

software and engineers

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Pluralsight has been a strong partner throughout this entire process. It’s not just about the platform—it’s gone way beyond that. It’s thinking about how we can elevate our learning so that it becomes part of the flow of work. Pluralsight helps us to identify different ways of supporting that in our business and providing the right behavioral nudges along the way.”

Glenn Carter
Product Owner and Tech Capability Team Leader

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