Engineer onboarding

Move engineers from first day to first commit faster

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Reduce ramp times for new hires by 2 to 3 months

Pluralsight enables organizations to get new engineering hires contributing to the codebase—and their team—faster. Leaders can coach new hires with objective data on workflow blockers, bottlenecks, and skills gaps. Teams benefit from less friction in the delivery process as new hires join the team. And new hires are more active in the codebase, more effective on the team, and more skilled in their role. It’s a win-win-win-win (you get it).

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Improve new-hire coaching

Empower team leads and engineering managers to better coach new hires with a clear picture of their knowledge and work patterns. Leverage data on a new hire’s skills gaps, code commits, merge commits, and PR and ticket activity to help them improve.


Increase new-hire confidence with your tech stack, processes, and tools

Close new-hire skills gaps before they result in production bugs. Provide tailored  instructor-led, on-demand learning programs and real-life coding scenarios in risk-free environments. Identify when new hires increase their involvement in the code review and delivery process so you know when they’re comfortable enough to take on more complex work.


Decrease workflow friction and new-hire attrition

Learn how to integrate new hires while maintaining team velocity and reducing the burden on your experienced engineers—and foster new-hire community at the same time.

Open Quote

Not only does Flow really focus in on engineering effectiveness, it also ensures that a lot of our other objectives are being met as well… making sure we’re resilient, that we’re secure.

Naveed Zahid
Director of Engineering, Engineering Transformation, Manulife

How does Pluralsight enhance engineer onboarding?

pluralsight skills

Customizable learning paths and more than 7,000 expert-led courses empower new hires to close skills gaps and access tailored skill development aligned with company initiatives.

cloud guru professional services

Dive deep into cloud-focused learning to develop your cloud-first workforce. Then learn by doing risk-free in real Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS environments.

pluralsight flow

Reports help leaders spot roadblocks and proficiency gaps objectively to know where they can best help their team. These data-driven insights also identify team collaboration patterns and new opportunities for team members to work together.

pluralsight professional services

Onboarding experts help you instill your organization’s best practices and preferred procedures right from the start.

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