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A few frequently
asked questions

What happens when I contact a Flow expert?

We’ll provide a short 20-minute demo and spend a few minutes talking about your team to make sure Flow is a good fit. We’ll also identify the best ways Flow can help your development workflow. 

Where do the data and insights in Flow come from?

Flow connects with your Git repos and Agile management tools (we support GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, Azure DevOps, and Jira) with custom configuration capabilities to map your workflow to the metrics that matter. 

Can’t I just get this information from my Git and project management tools?

You can often pull lagging indicators and KPIs from within your Agile management and Git tools, but unlike those tools, Flow goes a step further by providing actionable, leading indicators into potential hotspots in your process so you can take specific steps to improve.

Who is Flow for?

Flow is used by engineers to better communicate resource needs and improve retrospectives; by engineering leads and managers to better advocate for their team and lead continuous improvement efforts; for scrum masters and Agile delivery managers to better plan; and for engineering executives to make data-informed decisions.

Could this data be misused by engineering leaders?

Flow’s mission is to advance the developer experience and improve team health. We believe software development is a team sport and we win and lose as a team. To that end, there is no way to stack-rank engineers or define a team’s productivity by a single metric. You’ll also get custom enablement sessions for engineering teams so your teams are empowered to use #dataforgood.

The insights that we've gained from Flow have really made us faster, leaner and more strategic. They've aligned our team's performance much more closely to the needs of our customers.

Jason Rapaccuiolo
Vice President of Audit Technology  at Thomson Reuters