Tech fluency in higher education: Equip students for success

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Calendar icon Feb 21, 2023
Clock icon 10:00 AM MST-11:00 AM MST
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True or false: Every college student needs tech knowledge.

100% true. Whether you’re producing the latest AI platform or running a local non-profit, every organization requires technology to run. And students who graduate without the ability to talk today’s tech will be a step (or more) behind those who do.

Talking tech 101

What role can universities play in workforce readiness and better prepare students for today’s job market? Lynn Adams, Department Chair for Strategic Management and Operations at Utah Valley University, Kyle Feuz, Department Chair for Weber State University School of Computing, and Tony Holmes, Practice Lead for Public Sector Solutions Architects at Pluralsight, have the answer in this on-demand webinar.

Join our experts as they share tech fluency strategies for higher-ed institutions. You’ll study up on how to:

  • Implement a tech fluency program for students

  • Encourage program engagement and adoption

  • Equip university students for success post graduation

  • Leverage tech fluency and tech skills to attract new students and empower staff, faculty, and alumni to stay on the cutting edge of technology

Turn your webinar notes into action items and you’ll create tech-fluent college grads who can hit the (career) ground running.


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Agenda / Presenters

Dr. Lynn Adams

Department Chair for Strategic Management and Operations, Utah Valley University

Dr. Lynn Adams is the Department Chair for Strategic Management and Operations and tenured Associate Professor of Business at the Orem \Utah Valley University’s Orem campus. He has over 30 years of administrative and managerial experience, eight years as mayor of Heber City, 12 years of college business management teaching, 20 years of political leadership, 12 years as a business owner, and 6 years as a US Army aviator in the Army National Guard.

Dr. Kyle Feuz

Department Chair, Weber State University School of Computing

Dr. Kyle Feuz is an Associate Professor at Weber State University in the School of Computing and currently serves as the Department Chair. Dr Feuz earned his Ph.D from Washington State University under the guidance of Dr. Diane Cook in 2014 and received his B.S and M.S in Computer Science from Utah State University in 2010 and 2011, respectively.

Tony Holmes

Practice Lead for Public Sector Solutions Architects, Pluralsight

Tony Holmes is the practice lead for public sector solutions architects at Pluralsight and partners with organizations every day to ensure their cybersecurity workforce has the skills it needs to ensure mission success.

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