Pluralsight for state and local governments

Tailored government IT training for local challenges

Better meet the needs of your community and invest in your people with state and local government tech skill training. Benchmark the skills of your technology workforce and create paths to provide seamless constituent services.

Tailor government IT Training

Government agencies that trust Pluralsight

City of Seattle
United States Marine Corp
Social Security Administration
United States Federal Reserve System

Purpose-built solutions for your highest priorities

As NASCIO’s State CIO Top 10 Priorities illustrate, CIOs are dealing with unprecedented IT issues, from modernizing aging infrastructure to managing risk and counteracting cyber threats. Technology alone won’t solve those problems. You need a workforce capable of achieving your highest priorities.

Purpose built Solutions

Upskilling and reskilling

Digital transformation starts with skill transformation. Pluralsight helps your agency index skills gaps at scale, develop expert talent tailored to your objectives, and learn by doing so your teams can execute on your initiatives with confidence.

upskilling and reskilling


Develop the best defense by developing your people first. Prepare your workforce with cybersecurity and risk management skills to ensure flawless security and prevent breaches. And meet growing cybersecurity needs as you modernize and meet the pace of digital transformation.


Cloud transformation

Migrate your people—not just your agency—to the cloud. Pluralsight enables you to build and maintain a cloud-first agency with data on where to focus custom skill development efforts plus hands-on experiences that help you put knowledge into practice

cloud transformation
tech fluency

Tech fluency

Pluralsight empowers every employee, regardless of technical background, to become conversant in key technologies and learn to correctly apply tech concepts for agency objectives.

Learn about all of our solutions to conquer tech challenges

Pluralsight + City of Seattle
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Traditionally, during turbulent times, the budget for IT training gets cut. However, the ability to upskill and reskill tech teams is more important than it has ever been. The way we work is changing rapidly and we have to be ready. My advice is to make skilling as easy as possible. Empowering your employees to learn is the most important thing you can do for your organization's future success.”

Saad Bashirr
Former Chief Transformation Officer, City of Seattle

Create the teams you need with the talent you have

This isn’t just about your next project. Transform your workforce to deliver faster and better—every time. Contact us and be the next success story.

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