Pluralsight for the federal government

Train your federal tech teams for today’s mission. Prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.

Give your federal agency’s tech teams the tech skills training, hands-on practice, and skill inventory data they need to develop mission-critical skills, improve processes, and ensure flawless security that prevents breaches.

federal tech teams

Government agencies that trust Pluralsight

U.S. Army
U.S. Air Force
United States Marine Corp
Social Security Administration
United States Federal Reserve System

Purpose-built solutions for your highest priorities

Whether mapping your priorities to the President’s Management Agenda (PMA), the Federal Data Strategy, DoD Cyber Workforce Framework, or other priority initiatives, one thing is clear: Agencies need to create a culture of continuous learning where their personnel are constantly developing mission-critical tech skills. Our solutions are the way forward.

Purpose built Solutions

Upskilling and reskilling

Digital transformation starts with skill transformation. Pluralsight helps your agency index skills gaps and create custom learning paths tailored to ensure you can meet your IT objectives around cyber, cloud, data, and more.

upskilling and reskilling


Develop the best defense by developing your people first. Prepare your workforce with cybersecurity and risk management skills to ensure flawless security and prevent breaches. And meet growing cybersecurity needs as you modernize and meet the pace of digital transformation.

Executive Order 14028

Give your teams the skills that protect critical infrastructure and support the United States’ cybersecurity by adhering to Executive Order 14028, “Improving Our Nation’s Cybersecurity.”

DoD Cyber Workforce Framework

Pluralsight's workforce development platform serves as the technical learning resource for civilian government and military personnel, providing education that supports DoD Directive 8140 and aligns with the DoD Cyberspace Workforce Framework (DCWF).


Cloud transformation

Migrate your people—not just your agency—to the cloud. Pluralsight enables you to build and maintain a cloud-first agency with data on where to focus custom skill development efforts plus hands-on experiences that help you put knowledge into practice.

cloud transformation
tech fluency

Tech fluency

Pluralsight empowers every employee, regardless of technical background, to become conversant in key technologies and learn to correctly apply tech concepts for agency objectives.

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Pluralsight + U.S. Air Force
quotation mark

We see Pluralsight as a valuable strategic partner in helping our Digital U program deliver skills development training for state-of-the-art technologies that support us in our mission. With Pluralsight, not only do our airmen have access to high quality and up-to-date technology content, they can also leverage Skill IQ assessments to track progress in their skill development and map out a faster path for learning.”

Lauren Knausenberger
Chief Transformation Officer, United States Air Force


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