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Get certified, master modern tech skills, and level up your career with cloud training — whether you’re starting out or a seasoned pro. Learn by doing with ACG.

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Why get certified?

There's gold in them skills

Astronaut. Waterslide tester. Whatever Leonardo DiCaprio’s job is in Inception. There are loads of cool things you could learn to do. Why get certified and learn new cloud skills?

Skilled cloud talent is in crazy high demand, the pay and perks are awesome, and it's a near future-proof career path.

There's gold in them skills
Average cloud engineer base salary

Average cloud engineer base salary in the US

Source: Indeed, 2023

Cloud Computing: One of the most in-demand hard skills year over year

One of the most in-demand hard skills year over year—and no sign of a slowdown

Source: State of Upskilling

Average raise received by IT professionals who gain new skills and certs

Average raise received by IT pros who gained new skills and/or certifications.

Source: Global Knowledge, 2020

Why A Cloud Guru?

King of the skill

Anyone can learn cloud with ACG.

Learn by doing at any level — whether your tech experience has peaked with email or you’re a senior IT engineer who’s been neck-deep in it since the Commodore 64.

Winston S, a dev-ops engineer and former retail worker
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I’m currently earning 10 times what I was earning last year, all due to me being AWS certified through A Cloud Guru.”

Winston S.
DevOps Engineer (and former retail worker)


of learners report improved job performance with A Cloud Guru.


of ACG users say our tools and content directly helped in their careers.

100+ certs

ACG offers more than 100 cloud certification courses in AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Certifiably awesome

Certifiably awesome

With the world’s largest hands-on content library for cloud skills development at your fingertips, you can master new skills, get cloud certified, and advance your career.

build skills your way

Build skills your way

Ninja Warrior your way up the cloud ladder or go bit by bit. Our self-paced learning works on your schedule, so you can binge your way to a better career, or do it 15 minutes at a time.

ship faster

Cloud habitable for humans

Our dedicated instructors go to ridiculous lengths to create and update fresh content packed with personality, built on proven learning techniques, and infused with wit.

Learn by doing

Get your hands cloudy

You have to walk before you run. But you’ll have a hard time going anywhere just sitting there watching videos. That’s why we make learning interactive.

Our proven learn-by-doing approach makes you an active participant with hands-on tools that are hands down the best way to pick up (and retain) new knowledge.

Cloud playground

Cloud Playground

Learn by doing with live Cloud Playground AWS, Azure, and GCP sandboxes. Cloud along with courses, test ideas, and prep for exams.

Practice Exams

Practice Exams

Pass on the first try. Prep for certifications with practice exams that mimic the real thing. And get personalized pointers on how to improve.

Hands-on labs

Hands-on Labs

Learn new skills faster and get your hands cloudy with thousands of real, guided labs on all things cloud from novice to guru.

This will teach you

The platform for modern tech skills

With hundreds of courses and thousands of labs, we give you plenty of room to roam. Whether you’re accelerating your own career or skilling up teams, you can go as broad or as deep as you need, and then some.

We offer full certification training and technical deep dives for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and so much more. What would you like to learn?

Certified cloud practitioner
amazon web services

ACG is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and has trained 2 million on AWS.                            

microsoft azure

Our Microsoft MVP-led team provides training perfect for beginners or advanced Azure users.

Google Cloud Platform

Our training covers in-demand certs and deep dives into areas like Machine Learning and Kubernetes.


ACG offers 1,400+ hours of Linux learning, including certification training and how-to guides.                

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